UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Abutter List Instructions

A. Identify the lot(s) that are undergoing a change or expansion of use, being subdivided, or developed (subject parcel)
  1. Go to http://data.avitarassociates.com/ and sign on as an anonymous user.
  2. A list of towns will appear, select TIlton.
  3. Click on the "Searches" tab in the upper left hand corner to select how you would like to identify the property (e.g., by name, by address, etc.)  Locate and select each parcel.  When selected, the "Parcel ID" will appear at the top of the record.  The example below shows 000U07 000041 00000A, meaning: Map: U7 Lot: 41 Sub-lot: A.  Commonly, this would be represented as: U7/41-A
B. Identify abutting lots
  1. Go to http://www.tiltonnh.org/content/taxmaps.html and select the map associated with the subject parcel identified in the previous step.
  2. Identify all parcels that touch the subject parcel, as well as all parcels that are directly across a street or stream from the subject parcel.  If the subject parcel is not entirely surrounded by other lots on the map, you will likely need to view adjoining maps to complete the list. 
C. Create abutters list with parcel ID's, names and addresses for subject parcel(s) and all abutters
  1. Download a blank ABUTTERS LIST FORM and enter the map and lot number for the subject parcel(s) and all abutting parcels.  This may require multiple forms.  
  2. Access the Town Warrant at http://www.tiltonnh.org/content/documents/landuse/Tilton%20Owner%20Index%202014-0716.pdf

D. Add names and addresses of all holders of conservation, preservation or agricultural preservation restrictions, and all professionals represented within the application