Subdivision/Site Plan Application

Following, is a list of forms and other plans/documents that may be required elements of a complete Subdivision or Site Plan Review application:

  • Preliminary plat containing all required information as set forth in Site Plan and Subdivision Regulations (required for all submissions)
    • NO FORM.  PDF accepted
  • Brief (one paragraph or less) statement explaining proposed use of land or reason for subdividing/site changes (required for all submissions)
    • NO FORM.  PDF or DOC accepted
  • Completed checklist with accompanied written waiver requests for any items marked as "N/A"  (required for all submissions)
  • Abutters List including the Map & Lot #, Name(s) and Addresses of all abutters
    • ABUTTERS LIST  (required for all submissions, see note below)
    • NOTE: "Abutter" is defined as any person whose property.. adjoins or is directly across the street or stream from the lot or lots under consideration by the Planning Board.  In addition to all abutters, the list shall also contain the name or names of the applicant, all holders of conservation, preservation or agricultural preservation restrictions, and all professionals represented within the application (e.g., engineers, scientists, architects, surveyors).

  • Letter authorizing applicant to act as owner's agent (required when the applicant is not the owner or or otherwise authorized agent)
  • Waiver of right to a decision within 65 days (required to allow deliberation past 65 days following the date of submission)