Planning Board Cases - 2019

The table below lists cases scheduled in 2019.  Beneath the table, further information is provided about each case.  If you have any difficulty accessing information, or if you have any questions, please contact the Town Planner at (603).286.4521ext.105.  

Paper copies of all materials are available in the Land Use Office, Tilton Town Hall, 257 Main Street.

P= preliminary discussion (prior to submission)
= continued without deliberation
= deliberation
Ccompliance hearing
strikethrough datemeeting not held

PB19-01 Boundary Line Adjustment and Subdivision – proposal 

PB19-01 Boundary Line Adjustment and Subdivision -  160 & 156 Winter Street
Proposal from Robert Partridge to annex a 0.397 acre tract from Lot 58 to Lot 58-1 , annex a 0.272 acre tract from Lot 58-1 to Lot 58 and subdivide the resultant Lot 58 to create a new lot at 160 & 156 Winter Street in the Medium Residential District (R26/58 & 58-1)
PB19-02 Site Plan Review -  504 Laconia Road
Proposal from Brittany Maia to operate a dog boarding, daycare, training & grooming business at 504 Laconia Road in the Mixed Use district (R10/07)
PB19-03 Subdivision -  27 Sanborn Road 
Proposal from the Town of Tilton to subdivide the lot into two parcels at 27 Sanborn Road in the Regional Commercial District (R23/05) 
PB19-04 Boundary Line Adjustment  -  580 & 600 Laconia Road 
Proposal from John Bernard to annex a 0.8 acres tract from 600 Laconia Road (R09/48-1) to 580 Laconia Road (R09/ 53-1) in the Mixed Use District 
PB19-05 Subdivision and Site Plan Review -  75 Laconia Road 
Proposal from Midland General Contractors subdivide the Lot into two, and to construct and operate a non-emergency walk-in urgent care clinic at 75 Laconia Road in the Regional Commercial District (R23/08)