Planning Board Cases - 2017

The table below lists cases scheduled in 2017.  Beneath the table, further information is provided about each case.  If you have any difficulty accessing information, or if you have any questions, please contact the Town Planner at (603).286.4521ext.105.  

Paper copies of all materials are available in the Land Use Office, Tilton Town Hall, 257 Main Street.

P= preliminary discussion (prior to submission)
= continued without deliberation
= deliberation
Ccompliance hearing
strikethrough datemeeting not held

PB16-14  Site Plan Review – 407 West Main Street
Proposal to expand the automotive sales business at 472 West Main Street in the General Commercial district (R26/2)

PB17-01 Preliminary Site Plan Conceptual Consultation -  120 Laconia Road
Proposal to reconfigure parking at 120 Laconia Road in the Regional Commercial district (R20/3)

PB17-02 Site Plan Review & Conditional Use Permit (wetlands) -  637 West Main Street
Proposal to construct and operate a self storage facility at 637 West Main Street in the General Commercial district (R16/1-1)

PB17-03 Preliminary Site Plan Conceptual Consultation -  267 Main Street
Proposal to conduct bible fellowship meetings at 267 Main Street in the Downtown district (U5/37)
PB17-04 Site Plan Review -  100 Autumn Drive
Proposal to operate an adult care facility at 100 Autumn Drive in the Rural Agricultural district (R6/10-2)

PB17-05 Site Plan Review -  270 Main Street
Proposal to undertake rooming house accommodations at 270 Main Street in the Downtown district (U5/14)
PB17-06 Conditional Use Permit (wetlands) -  603 Laconia Road
Proposal to install a walkway to access lake frontage at 603 Laconia Road in the Resort Commercial district (U2/47)
PB17-07 Site Plan Review & Conditional Use Permit (wetlands) -  5 Quinn Street
Proposal to expand Gaslight Village Manufactured Housing Park by 6 units and upgrade sewer and water infrastructure at 5 Quinn Street in the Mixed Use district (R10/25)
PB17-08 Site Plan Review -  448 West Main Street
Proposal to operate a child day care facility/youth center and a transportation business at 448 West Main Street in the General Commercial district (U8/11)
PB17-09 Site Plan Review -  405 Laconia Road
Proposal from Kogelman Real Estate to operate a storage container rental business at 405 Laconia Road in the Resort Commercial District (R21/12-A)

PB17-10 Site Plan Review -  95 Business Park Drive
Proposal from NCM Management, Inc. to expand the existing manufacturing facility by 38,400 square feet at 95 Business Park Drive in the Industrial district (R20/1-8)
PB17-11 Subdivision (Lot Line Adjustment) – 80 & 100 Autumn Drive
Proposal from Robert Callahan to annex 1.5 acres from Lot R6/10 to Lot R6/10-2 at 80 & 100 Autumn Drive in the Rural Agricultural District (R6/10 & R6/10-2)
PB17-12 Conditional Use Permit (wetlands) -  Townwide
Proposal from Eversource to rebuild the existing L176 transmission line in the existing right-of-way beginning at the town border of Tilton and Franklin just north of Shannon Road (approximately at 2 Matthews Road), traveling east/northeasterly through the existing right-of-way and terminating at the Tilton and Belmont town border at the Winnipesaukee River (approximately 401 Silver Lake Road) in the Rural Agricultural, Industrial, Resort Commercial and Medium Residential districts (Maps R1,R13, R14, R15, R18, R19, R20, R21, R23 & U3)
PB17-13 Site Plan Review -  600 West Main Street
Proposal from Kevin Marcotte to operate a motor vehicle repair and maintenance facility at 600 West Main Street in the General Commercial district (R26/21)